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PUMA x atmos CLYDE "Ukiyo-e''

puma_atmos_clydeIn their continuing partnership, PUMA and renowned Japanese sneaker retailer atmos Tokyo put an artistic spin on the PUMA Clyde.

Teaming up with #ichibay from Three Tides Tattoo, one of Tokyo’s high profile tattoo artists, the classic sneaker is bedecked in tattoo design with a predominant Japanese wave pattern. The design is inspired by traditional ukiyo-e genre of art or woodblock prints and paintings that flourished in Japan from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

The intricate artwork is framed by premium black suede and hints of mazarine blue. Inscribed on the sneaker tongue are the PUMA and atmos logos with Japanese characters壱兵衛 and三巴彫 that translate to “ichibay and three tides tattoo”. On Inscribed on the heel is 壱兵衛筆 that means “drawn by ichibay”.

Originally created in 1973 - in an era when sports stars began to impressively impact on popular culture, influencing everything from film, fashion and even language, the PUMA Clyde quickly became the sports sneaker of the 70s. It has maintained a strong presence in pop culture in the decades to come, being adopted as sneaker of choice by the hip hop stars, skateboarders, B-boys and musicians leading the punk movement of the 90s. Its many important cultural links ensure it’s a crucial shoe for the sneaker collector of today. Walf “Clyde” Frazier himself describes the shoe as ‘a timeless design’ enabling it to remain a cult sneaker and return to the streets after five years.

The PUMA x atmos Tokyo Clyde Tattoo is a contemporary take on Japonism. It’s a juxtaposition of New York street and old school time-honored art and tradition. 

RELEASE 12.11.16  | 00:01 GMT+1 online - 10:30am in store



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