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Carhartt Work In Progress is a division of the American brand Carhartt, within the firsts to produce workwear in the USA. Founded in Europe in 1989, adapted and modified Carhartt’s core products characteristics for a different audience, seeking design and quality, respecting the original elements of the brand. Since the beginning, Carhartt WIP, built a strong relationship with the street culture, becoming an icon and a respected brand in the underground scene.

Carhartt WIP Yanie Jacket Women’s


Carhartt WIP Plains Liner Women’s


Carhartt WIP Nelson Sweat Women’s


Carhartt WIP W' Nelson Sweat Pant


Carhartt WIP Nelson Sweat Pant Women’s


Carhartt WIP Hd Jagged Script Sweat Women’s


Carhartt WIP Women’s Tilda Heart T-Shirt


Carhartt WIP Women’s Tilda Heart T-Shirt


Carhartt WIP Hooded Carhartt Sweatshirt Women’s


Carhartt WIP L/S State Gradient T-Shirt Womens


Carhartt WIP W' S/S Horizon T-Shirt


Carhartt WIP Chasy Sweatshirt


Carhartt WIP S/S Aruba Shirt Womens


Carhartt WIP Chasy Sweatshirt Womens


Carhartt WIP Aruba Short


Carhartt W' Cardony Pants Womens


Carhartt W' Chase Sweatshirt Womens


Carhartt W' S/S Arrow T-Shirt Womens


Carhartt W' S/S Carrie Pocket T-Shirt Womens


Carhartt W' S/S Club Pacific Shirt Womens


Carhartt W' Hooded Chase Sweatshirt Womens