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SUEDE & Melanin Flavour: "The Black Renaissance" - a new balance

on March 05, 2023

We bring black history month 2023 to end, with a celebration of flavors, colors and people with Melanin Flavours team and with the support of New Balance.

This event was the final in the series of events curated by Melanin Flavors hosted in collaboration with various Roman realities.

The event hosted at SUEDE launched “The Black Renaissance” campaign which is meant to shed a well deserved light on the creatives whose careers have undoubtedly played a role in creating a new balance for diaspora creatives in the city. The artists featured in this campaign have helped individually and collectively in paving the way for a brighter more inclusive future for all.

The event showed a digitalized photo Exhibition by Riv Production, with a presentation of the sponsored photoshoot featuring New Balance sneakers with Melanin Flavours talents. The presentation ended with a first time screening of the promotional video co-produced with Riv Production featuring the team members, Suede-Store styling and A New Balance soundtrack produced by the Melanin Flavours team.


On a more political note, this event also highlighted the black experience of local African born creatives in italy. Through a talk with Boris Akeem Aka & Emmanuel Anyigor we got a glimpse into the life and careers of these working creatives who have helped establish a new balance for other diaspora artists.

The sound was curated by the collective's resident DJ duo Double Trouble, DJ Velia otherwise known as Stella VOMB and DJ Ramingo otherwise known as, Juan-Claudio Averooff.
Thanks to:

Creative Direction: Noah Osas

Production: Stella VOMB & Suede Store

Project Featuring: Meli Tsabedze, Merhawit W. , Boris Aka Akeem, Janen Hassan, Stella VOMB

Juan-Claudio Averoff

Photography: Emmanuel Anyigor

Video: Riv Production

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